Design Disruptors Writeup

The film Design Disruptors touches on the impact of good design, attributes that make  design successful, and how the design process can be manipulated to produce an effective result. Like the title of the film suggests, if you create something disruptive, people will notice. Designers create to please or speak to a diverse audience, not to satisfy themselves. To do this, they follow an individualized design process and train themselves to be good problem solvers. Any idea that comes to mind is thrown onto paper in order to “fail fast and succeed sooner”. The designer and their team of colleagues recognize the good ideas and eliminate the bad. A crucial step in the process is collecting data and feedback to improve upon an idea. The idea has to be adaptable and it has to make sense, unlike other types of art. Often times subtractions are the most valuable additions. Any change that will make the design easier for the audience to enjoy or use is worth the implementation.

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