Sound Project

My texture video represents my repetitive week. The images start off as dull and are shown at a slow pace. I added droning audio to the beginning of the video which eventually gets higher in frequency around the midpoint of the track. I then added a sound with a faster rhythm toward the end of the video as the frames progress more quickly. This signifies the swift and more exciting end to my week.


I filmed abstract patterns and colors to represent the lively Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. I chose to make the soundtrack more literal because the images in my video were not. I recorded traditional samba music and crowd noise along with a beat of clapping hands. I think it accompanies the images well and helps convey the atmosphere of the Carnival.


I recorded all of my sound for the Number Countdown using items I had in my dorm room or my hands. For example, I shook uncooked spaghetti in its box for the fast sound at the beginning of my countdown. After the majority of my recording was complete, I adjusted the volume between each different sound so that they would transition better together. The sounds add suspense–especially the low music at the end of the track. My goal was to make this video somewhat enjoyable to watch and hear even though it only depicts numbers on a screen.


I recorded all of my audio for this video by using a marker. I played the video and simultaneously drew corresponding lines with my marker on paper. After repeating this a few times I got a closely matched soundtrack to go with my animation. In my first rendition of this video I clicked the marker cap back into place for the sound at the end, but during my class’ critique I was told it sounded too sharp and snappy. I went back into the track and experimented with a few different actions to make a more drawn out sound. I got the sound I ended up sticking with by recording myself pulling the cap off of the marker. This gave it more of a lower pop sound.

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