Rio Carnival Video


I was prompted to portray a popular event abstractly through video footage. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro was a challenging, but fun event to decipher and present. I researched and looked at a lot of pictures of the festivities in Rio to get ideas as to how the people celebrate and what it looks like when they do. The Carnival is a stress-relieving event (or collection of events) that is meant to boost the country’s morale and provide citizens with an outlet for fun and indulgence. I made a list of areas I wanted to record at and shot my footage after compiling all of my notes and research. The Carnival is busy and colorful; I tried to convey this in my video through vivid colors and patterns (mandalas, bright reds and yellows, metallic surfaces). Dancing and shows are very popular attractions at the Carnival, so I included a muted flashing light in one of the clips to depict movement and a party-like atmosphere. I used a clip from the beginning of the video again at the end to represent unity within the country and its people.

Although this video is specific to the Brazilian culture, I would like an array of audiences to be able to watch it and feel happiness and a connection with their country and heritage.




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