Texture Video

I was presented with an exercise in which I had to convey a typical week in one minute, using only colors or textures. I chose to record things and places of different textures around campus. I recorded an array of surfaces and took more video than I needed so I would be able to pick the most appropriate textures. I imported all the footage I took into Premiere Pro and began to arrange it on the timeline. I organized the videos from dull and uninteresting to natural and eye-catching and clipped them to meet the standards for my composition. I assigned amounts of time to each of the seven days of the week and arranged groups of videos within those timelines. The clips that represent the first couple of days of the week are the slowest and most repetitive, which corresponds to my real life. As the video progresses, less and less time is allotted for each day, making them go by faster. The images are more interesting and repeat less. The viewer experiences the days that would be Saturday and Sunday at a quicker pace than the rest of the week. I also captured more color in my last videos to signify fun, relaxation, and happiness. I then labelled and exported my video and posted it to Vimeo and then my blog.

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