Logo Re-design

Prior to critique:


I decided to improve upon the original logo of Airbnb. Airbnb is an 8-year-old company that allows people worldwide to list or book travel accommodations. Anyone can post an apartment, house, or castle to attract people looking to experience a more connected local experience with unique community opportunities when they travel. In November of 2016, Airbnb launched “Trips”, which includes new services like hosting and activities. Along with this new  addition to their company, I thought a new logo that showcased the company’s many features and new attributes was in store.

airbnb-or-logoI chose to improve upon their logo, not because it is not simple, but because it is not easily recognizable and the company is not well-known enough for people to automatically connect it with the service it represents. Most people would not associate this loop with a travel site or agency. First, I researched the company, its purpose, and its goals. I noted important information and then began to look up more images of the logo (which has been spoofed multiple times) and company name. I began to sketch designs for logos that showed an association with the travel business. Airbnb boasts that they offer accommodations in 34,000 cities and 191 countries and have 2,000,000 listings worldwide. So, hypothetically speaking, you could throw a dart at a map and find a place to stay wherever it landed. This thought process inspired my designs. When I had drawn several design possibilities, I chose the most successful and showed them to my roommate, her friend, and my boyfriend. They all agreed on the same logo as being the most effective.


At this point, I had not chosen the color scheme for my design. I crafted my version of the logo in Adobe Illustrator and played with colors. I got opinions on multiple color combinations. I decided to use colors that were fairly close to each other on the color wheel so the logo would not appear overly intense or imposing. I used limited colors and stuck with two main ones; blue for the globe for the purpose of realism and pink for the text and dart. I tried to implement negative space in the globe to make the design more interesting and appealing. I drew everything using simple shapes except for the continents on the globe. I wanted my design to be versatile and straightforward. I looked at it at different sizes and got more opinions. One that I took into account was criticism on the size of my globe. Originally, it was small and more similar to the size of the letters in Airbnb. I increased the size of the globe to give the logo more contrast. My end result looks like this.


The text in my design can also stand on its own–something I think is a big positive characteristic of my logo. It can be manipulated depending on the need for its use or publication.



The main criticisms of my logo were the colors I chose (mainly the pink of the text), the opposing directions of the text and the tilted globe. I decided to simplify my color pallet by making the text the same color as the axis of the globe. After trying to make the globe lean in the same direction as the text I realized that it did not look right. To counter this I chose a different font for the text that stood more upright than the last. I also incorporated negative space into the dart in addition to the continents on the globe. After getting opinions on the strength of both the new and old versions, I was confident that the new logo I created prevailed over the last.



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