Final Video: Bad Day

The concept of my video is a bad day that gets worse. My main focus in creating this piece, besides the plot, was implementing metric montage. I did this by showing the passage of time through photographing in changed settings. I also photographed from first-person perspective. There is rhythmic montage in the last few scenes as the camera pans from the dog running across the street to the fast-approaching car. I spent a lot of time photographing in different places to show my own movement throughout the day. If I had to change my video, I would add more frames to make the day seem even worse. I would also take more photographs in each location. This project taught me how to manipulate the timing of a sequence of still images in order to make them into a video. I had to teach myself some things about Premiere Pro which made me be self-dependent and efficient. I was way out of my comfort zone, which will happen in life outside of art and in the artist’s workplace.

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