Endangered Animal


An endangered animal that I thought would be an interesting subject to draw was the Green Sea Turtle. Humans and scavenger animals harvest the turtles’ eggs or attack them as they try to reach the sea after birth. Both humans and animals do this for the purpose of food. I used graphite to fill in the letters of the word “Harvest” with sections of the turtle one letter at a time. Negative space plays a major role in this piece because it breaks the composition up and gives the letters interesting senses of space. There is unintentional scale change within the piece due to the individual drawing of each letter. There is a repetition of forms within the scales of the turtle’s flippers.

This project improved my attention to identifiable details. It also allowed me to explore a more free and abstract path with my art. I was uptight about the idea of breaking up my art to begin with, but learned to just draw. I drew what I saw without stressing over the cohesiveness of the end result. It was different than anything I have ever done. This is relevant to the GMD program because it is a project that is reliant on detail, freedom, and risk-taking. These factors are important in the field of Graphic Design as employers often provide a detailed prompt, but let the designers on their teams create a design that is thought-provoking or eye-grabbing. Paying attention to these focal points has helped me develop my artistic and creative talent.

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