phenakistoscope-sliceMy phenakistoscope consists of three layers of moving parts: a pinwheel in the center, a Pac Man, and a person blowing a bubble with gum in the outside layer. There is movement and continuity between each frame of the phenakistoscope as the image transitions into the next phase of the pattern. There is a lack of balance in the outside layer because each frame in the sequence is more progressive than the last. The pink gum becomes a focal point. The Pac Man layer is choppy, but I think it is accurately representative. The phenakistoscope shows scale change between its layers. If I were to go back into my work I would simplify the outside layer to make it more smooth and easier to understand. The speed of the wheel makes it hard to discern the outside layer. There is a lot of negative space in the phenakistoscope, but I believe that it benefits the work due to the complex center and outside animations. I have expanded my knowledge of Photoshop animation which will benefit me in multiple classes and I finally know how to use the laser cutter for future projects.This is relevant to the GMD program, because I am learning to improve my animation skills and craftsmanship.

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