5-7-5 Gif: Animal Testing



After completing a research paper on animal testing for the sale of cosmetics I decided to depict the same cause I am passionate about in gif format. Millions of animals, the majority of which are rodents, are tortured and killed each year due to animal testing. The testing is not conducted for only curative or medical purposes; chemicals are dropped into the eyes and onto the skin of helpless animals for the sake of marketing lipstick, shampoo, and shaving cream. At this point in science, there are many alternative methods to test the ingredients in products, yet companies are still relying on non-human lifeforms to determine the safety of a product. There are endless biological and chemical differences between humans and any animal, yet big-name companies depend on this method of testing to prove the safety of their products–a method that is not always effective.

The first five frames of my gif are of people using beauty products. The next seven are of popular cosmetics brands that promote and use animal testing. The last five frames are images of rabbits, one of the most commonly used and killed animals in this process, suffering from the effects of experimentation. The first two frames of the gif are not glitched, but the ones following it are. This shows the deterioration of beauty. The following brands appear with no delay in the frames to make people aware of who abuses these animals for their benefit without dwelling on their big names. The frames of the animals are drawn out to get across the horror that lies behind how beauty-promoting products are made. They reveal what companies do not want consumers to know. The gruesomeness shocks the audience into thinking about cosmetics and their origins in a new light.


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