Chair Composition


Chair; raw

I chose to depict my chair in this composition, because it is voluminous and intrusive. The largeness allowed me to focus on the minute details and play to my advantages of drawing at a large scale. The folds and shading give the fabric falling over the chair movement. The atmospheric perspective could be improved on the seat especially, but the darker stripes in the foreground show that the chair has depth and form. I used value shifts in the stripes to show folds in the fabric. The negative space around my chair allows the form to exist in space freely and without constraint. This project has taught me how forms fill space and what can distract from the focal point of a piece. I also am developing my work ethic as I am putting more time and effort into my pieces to perfect or really work certain sections. This knowledge will help me in my digital curriculum. I have grown as an artist in my willingness to make my piece my own. I could have drawn the chair at its full length and exactly as I saw it in the middle of the paper but I chose to impose the alterations I wanted to make on it. I also think I am now effectively using atmospheric perspective in my work to make it look realistic and give the forms I draw dimension (being able to sit on the seat, the darker stripes looking closer than the lighter stripes, and the edges fading into space). I spent 15 hours making this chair into something that was my own and that I am proud of.


Chair; Refurbished

I made subtle changes in the value shifts of my chair to improve the atmospheric perspective of the piece. I think the seat of the chair is more discernible now that the fabric has more depth. I worked on the two stripes of the upper right side to make them blend and move into the piece more than they were in the original. I think there are more variations of tonality in this piece and I think it is more life-like and engaging than the first.

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