Political Poster III: Major Proj.


This Suprematism-inspired piece is representative of a cause that I am passionate about. Pitt-bulls are discriminated against due to their powerful jaws and their use in dog fights. The stereotype that Pitt-bulls are dangerous and blood hungry animals is outdated and untrue. Breed does not solely determine a dog’s temperament; training and the presence of neglect, or lack thereof, greatly influences their demeanor. I was shocked and angered to hear that recently the Canadian government passed a law banning owners of Pitt-bulls from walking their dogs without a muzzle. The law also states that any Pitt-bull or American Staffordshire Terrier found that is not claimed will be immediately euthanized instead of sheltered. My art work depicts the loving relationship between Pitt-bulls and their human families. The yellow circle encases a family and their loyal dog– they are interconnected to show their closeness. They are secluded from the harsh opinions of the closed minds of society. Yellow, red, and gray are colors that are characteristic of the Suprematism movement. I used red to try to show love amongst the family. This is the other side of the dogs that are so wrongly depicted in our world.

(I sized it correctly on InDesign and then printed it three times between Sunday and Monday. The technician helped me the third time and the print still came out smaller than 11″x 17″.)

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