Political Poster I


As the daughter of a pet lodge owner, I have interacted with many dogs, some friendly and some vicious. I know that the temperament of a dog is not reliant solely on its breed or size but by how that pet is trained and brought up by its owner. Within the last month, Canada passed a law that banned Pit-bull or American Staffordshire terrier owners from walking their dogs on a leash without a muzzle to constrain their snouts. They also claim that they will euthanize any stray dog of these breeds immediately upon seizing it instead of sheltering it. This is discrimination against select breeds based on the stereotype that they are dangerous, unmanageable dogs. If the Canadian government was truly worried about the safety of their people, they would mandate the use of muzzles on any violent or potentially vicious dog, regardless of breed. I have known Pit-bulls that would not hurt a fly and toy dogs that would attack at the drop of a dime. I believe that this law is a wrongful representation of the breeds it affects. I tried to show the restraint of a Pit-Bull with the influence of Cubism. I deconstructed a picture of a Pit-Bull using simple shapes in an attempt to portray this movement.

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