Illuminated Letter(s) AND REFURBISHED

illuminated-name-computer-color-final   illuminated-name-watercolor-bw

To develop these two pieces I researched  and observed a lot of pages from the Book of Kells and looked at Persian miniatures. I did not use keltic symbols or mimic the styles of these, because I wanted the illustrations the objects were made out of to symbolize me. However, I did let the works inspire ideas for extra features I added, like the key. First, I drew my initials in graphite on sketchbook paper. Then, after making adjustments and changing a few areas of the letters, I drew in graphite again on bristol board. I then went over the graphite in black micro-pens. My first addition of color was to the physical illustration on bristol board. I made a few errors and decided I did not want to use a lot of bright colors or pinks and purples in my final image, because I did not like how they looked on the paper. Next, I added water color to the black and white copy on the computer. I tried some more appropriate colors with a slightly brighter blue and pink. I liked this rendition, but still thought the brighter colors looked out of place. On my third try, I used flat computer color. I used duller, fall-like colors to compliment the leaves around the border of my initials. I consulted a friend in the program and one out of the program to get their opinions on my pieces thus far. They agreed that my computer color copy was the most cohesive. I like this version the best due to the fall atmosphere it creates. My eye constantly moves between letters, negative space, illustrations, and the border when I look at it, yet the piece seems unified. This project emphasized the importance of time management and critiquing your own work. The design process I used for this project is critical to this program, because it allows a designer to develop their ideas through trial and error. You should always refine your ideas as you work. I believe that this project has helped me understand the design process from a hands-on approach. To complete this project, I increased my use of various line weights, improved upon my  attention to detail, and my recognized my creative influences and inspirations. I have grown as an artist, because now I realize that these small steps and tweaks to my approach are necessary to make good artwork.

Refurbished Version:


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