17 Days

Day 1: Hunting for Hockney: Alice Dunseath: 3:13

This was easily my favorite piece of the 17 day collection. The clip’s deep feeling of grief and despair was immediately recognizable through the simply animated stick-figures in grayscale that opened the video. The loss of a mother fueled two women to search for a man they never really thought they would find. They were trying to escape from the hopelessness of planning a funeral. They wanted to distract themselves by pursuing what they thought was an impossible feat. I loved the contrast of paintings and real images. The moving pieces and the narration kept me involved in the clip. I especially liked when illustrations formed line by line and were destructed to form words or a new image. David Hockney’s house, which should have been their final destination, was at first depicted in bright hues, like a paradise. However, the women soon realized that this was utter disappoint; they had only found joy in the hope they mustered on their adventure. Once they found Hockney, they had no reason left to hope. This realization was depicted through the changing of color of Hockney’s house to dull grays and blacks.

Day 2: Kindred: Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky: 7:31

Girl in ball on side, dog’s body longer

Music starts, transition to dog begins

Girl completely still between wavering except lifts her head,moves shoulder third time

Fourth waver– full transition to dog

Dog panting hard, lifts head once

No wavering, dog just comes in

Wind blows harder then stops completely

This  video had an ominous feel to it. I was waiting for something to appear outside the window or a surprising transition to happen between girl and dog. I found it to be anticlimactic.

Day 3: The Hero is Light: Eduardo Yague: 4:15

I felt sad and found myself sympathizing with the woman dressed in a black turtle neck. The power and tone of the narrator’s voice and how it sped up when climactic moments happened made me emotionally invest myself in the story. The woman’s solitude and suffering was evident through her facial expressions (or lack thereof) and the grays, whites, and blacks of the gloomy movie. She was taken away from her family for not being Bolshevik and forced to live in Siberia. Then she was sent back to her grown family years later. My thoughts wandered until I put myself in the position of her and then her daughter. That is torture.

Day 4: Elise Kerman: 2:45

Rooftop with satellite dishes, city

Noises are horns beeping then become droning music and voices, music builds and suspense builds

Girl in billowing black dress appears, serious expression

Once only her feet show in the frame

Shaky camera

Music fades out at end

This video reminds me of a horror or thriller movie. The intensity of the music and noise increased as the video progressed and the woman appeared at random intervals in different places on the rooftop.

Day 5: Grotesques: Ellen Wetmore: 4:58

Left frame shows woman pulling kids on a wagon in a field

Right frame shows woman unpacking picnic basket, reveals head of a man

Middle frame shows a woman in a red dress coming out of the water, first dry and then wet

Bottom right–yoga poses of woman in red dress

Two of the same girls are holding a cup and looking into a mirror when an eye appears

Flowers, ocean sound, wagon on gravel noise, beetles, black sheet that billows in beginning, tiny sailboat on ocean, frog with moving throat, moth

Upper left–same two girls holding up flower vases with feet with fly in between (dressed in fish net stalkings, tight black clothes)

Upper right–girl wrapping self in white sheet being sculpted

Movements happening at the same time, others stop or become more prominent

This was a very busy composition that I had to watch over and over again to observe all of the actions taking place. The various frames allowed what seemed to be unrelated clips to come together into one piece. It was a very inviting short film due to the bright colors, calming ocean sound, and many moving parts involved. I liked the way the artist made it seem like the photographs were coming to life and telling a story.

Day 6: To Measure is to Know: Roland Quelven

Man in dress clothes, Lord Kelvin, dark hair, beard and mustache

“To measure is to know” in block on top of screen, first in capital letters then in lower case underneath

Man points and talks at camera then starts to eat a meal

Spring-like shape in front of face

Percent scale in back

Opens note, cursive handwriting appears

Threatening music, no sound for man’s voice

Lighting changes (sepia toned), left light source appears

Video accelerated at parts

I am unsure of what the producer of this video was trying to convey. I thought he was being sadistic considering he is an artist and art is about creativity, not numbers. However, the proceeding video did not confirm or deny this assumption for me. I wish the handwritten note would have been shown longer on the screen and there would have been a clear climax or ending to the film.

Day 7: Snags in Palladio


Close up on back, pores show

Endless, backless red dress

Woman seems to float upstairs

Repetitive arm movements, up, out, around back

Domestic Spaces–

Stray hand combing through girl’s hair

Small room, figures on wallpaper (angels)


Girl pressed up against/standing on mirror

Nude underclothes



View from doorway

Girl in flowy, long pink dress spinning

In the closer room, girl dances across frame in plum dress, stops and looks at floor

Pink girl out of frame


Girl sitting outside on chair with arms out

Cuts to girls walking in heels inside, different speeds, some bend down or drag their foot

Building (foreground)

They stop, arms come together, ends

The short series of clips in this piece accentuated the beauty and sexuality of women and their individuality. The girls are feminine and pure yet show no personality.

Day 8: Eden Mitsenmacher with Nicky-Roy Chicky Arad and Or Edry

Hot air balloon, guy sitting next to guy with guitar, pizza, lava lamp, sky background

Man in red pants and girl dancing with white horse on a shore

Guy and same girl playing guitar

Cats falling

Girl on shore dancing near flamingos

Objects pixel out when they move

Singing is in a different language

Guy goes off and on the screen singing

Guy and girl in front of fountain, spinning pineapples

Main guy sings the most

Girl and main guy in ocean under water with large yellow fish, a gold fish passes

Lava flows more

Guitar guy does not look into the camera like the other two

I was confused the entire time I was watching this to say the least. It made me laugh, yet I struggled to find the purpose or meaning behind it. If I had to explain my interpretation it would be that life (and art) is supposed to be free and fun. It does not always make sense.

Day 9: Syria Planum: For Water for Oil: Alysse Stepanian

Rover and building with death images, farm animals

Machine gun sound, tank, flag in machine?

Human figure with breasts and udders and tail and hooves inside transparent building(lab?)

Persons shadow on floor

Brought through alley, back to washer, back to arched tunnel way

Figure looks at cow being pulled out of trailer dead

Floats horizontally in space into flag, water bottles float, blue slime oozes, flag twists and gets dragged into slime

Lady runs across desolated area to washing machines stands and looks, flags fly in wind then die down as it fades out

This was a very weird way to talk about the mistreatment and displacement of animals done by and for the human race. I think the odd combination of a cow and human into one figure is a symbol of animals and humans living in harmony. The author depicted the character to be powerful as if it was asserting its rights. Adding real clips of animals was an interesting twist to the composition and gave the viewer some insight as to what was being referred to in this piece.

Day 11: In Dreams: Samuel Blain

British and Irish accents

Dream relates to what is on their head

All sitting up in bed talking

It was different to have grown adults talking about their irrational scary dreams as opposed to children. This film was a creative way of showing that people’s dream are a large part of them and their subconscious.

Day 13: Fingers of Doom: Raquel Meyers

The pixelated, retro-like creatures being created on the screen pieces at a time reminded me of an old video game. It was cool to watch.

Day 14: Travel Notebooks:Barcelone: Silvia De Ganerro

Takes place in Spain (incorporates all different parts)

portrays the bustle of Spain with traditional music and clapping leading into a faster beat

Figures from a painting appear and blow away like dust

Man with a mustache appears and reappears, noise of the geese get louder

Geese and man pop up in chair at left

Important art and architecture in the video, like the Sagrada Familia

Music fades back to acoustic

Video ends with surrounding building moving into the frame

This was a travel journal in video format. I think it is a great and unconventional way to display important pieces of the trip and memorable moments. There were a lot of different buildings and landscapes and objects in the video that made me immediately think of Spain. It felt light and fun.

Day 15: Predator Bronze: Wiley Aker

Music builds to ear-drumming beat

“Predator Bronze” in upper left corner

Targets all over the ground below,  red circle, seen from air

Dull landscapes, desert-like

Some images get blurry while others stay in focus

Targets and cursors appear everywhere

All black screen at right except for lone van or truck driving at some times toward the buildings and sometimes backing away, location of road varies slightly (angle)

The buildings explode in intervals, some in flashes some in smoke and light

Sniper-like point of view

Suspenseful–waiting for one big explosion or event

Yellow information bars pop up

Some ground is moving, some ground and buildings stationary

Different blue highlight on one group of buildings

Music fades out

This composition was intense and suspenseful, in part due to the soundtrack. I found it to be anticlimactic as I was following the multiple targets with my eyes and watching buildings explode individually, but was waiting for one large, extraordinary combustion. The constant movement of the ground, truck, and target kept my eye searching for the next substantial event that would take place on the screen. I do not know what the black space filling nearly all of the right side of the screen represented. Maybe it was a desolate area that was destroyed by bombings. It is free for the audience to decide.

Day 17: Barbara Matas

black starry nothingness/space: “Is there anyone on the air?” repeated

Girl sits on stool holding pole, purple antlers appear then blue deer head, then yellow fish with her head and then her eye and mouth

Curly haired girl’s head with legs and one blue eye and red lips and one ear, image multiplies

Explosion-like background, gray and black with stars and mountain scenery

Three of the same girl sit on stool making circles with her body, one at a time they become restless and disappear

Girl sits in chair, blue deer head covers her own

Her legs show, pattern of her cutout eyes above her legs

Yellow fish head with her human eye

Explosion changes color with an explosive noise

Jazz music (music with narrator)

Ends with same voice it began with: “Human supremacy on this earth” “Is there anyone on the air?”

This clip reminded me of an old movie with its jazz soundtrack and the bold, deep voice of the “narrator”. The pretty features of the woman with curly hair were oddly paired with animals and a fish that was not so attractive. This was an interesting pairing of human beauty and nature. I think that the director believes that the human race should live more cohesively with nature and our animal counterparts instead of acting as if we are entitled to the whole earth.


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