Journal: Helvetica by Gary Hustwit

Most graphic designers and typographers justify the use of Helvetica everywhere and on everything by complimenting its neutrality and clarity. It is easy to read, straightforward, and the figure ground of the letters is properly executed. Although some designers’ opinions on whether a font should be expressive or not vary, all can agree that design is not about having the latest and greatest computer program–it requires an eye for design.

Watching one typographer examine a font by studying the relationships and weight between straight-sided, round, and descending letters opened my mind to the complexities of typography. One designer explained how it made the world outside of work very different, because he critiqued the fonts and letter spacing of signs and buildings every day. This made me imagine how my life will be in the future after learning the so-called “rules” of typography and design. I enjoyed the quotes, “Graphic Design is the common framework through which messages about the world reach us” and “People are starting to see Graphic Communication as an expression of their own identity”. We observe these things happening everyday through advertising, magazines, and social media. I thought it was funny that Erik Spiekermann described himself as a “typo-maniac” and compared his fascination with looking at type to other men’s fascination with staring at the butts of girls. Anytime I see someone who is passionate about the work they are doing it reassures me there are jobs that people do not dread going to when they wake up in the morning.

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