Imaginary Landscapes

Imaginary Landscape

I wanted my first work on Photoshop to be fun, but representative of my Freshman year thus far. I used Rubik’s cubes in place of the original pineapples to show complexity and complications, such as the ones I had with my class schedule and learning to work with new Creative Cloud programs. In response to any stress, I like to play volleyball. There is a rubber ducky holding a volleyball in the background of the photo, rising over the field of Rubik’s cubes. This rubber ducky shows resilience. The work is light and motivational.

I researched pollution forms that effect ocean life. Bioaccumulation happens when organisms consume others that have consumed toxins themselves. The toxins increase in each organism as this chain progresses. I thought this would be an interesting concept to present in Photoshop. The shark is deteriorating after eating a toxic fish; its enlarged tooth is disentegrating and its stomach is stretching apart. I exaggerated the effects of the toxins in my work.

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